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1060 Aluminum Foil and Battery





Applicationlithium battery

  • Ev battery foil
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What is 1060 aluminum foil

1060 aluminum foil belongs to industrial pure aluminum foil, which has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. It is widely used in the production of gaskets, auto parts, capacitors, food packaging, electronic labels, tabs, etc.

Specification of 1060 aluminum foil and battery





Inner Diameter(mm)

Outer Diameter(mm)





75 76.2 150 152.4

It is determined by mutual negotiation.

Aluminum foil battery properties

Thickness Diviation

Width Diviation


Thickness Diviation Tolerance

High-precision grade

Normal grade



+/-0.5 mm

+/-1 mm


Thickness (mm)

N/mm2Tensile Strength

Elongation %





Surface quality

1. It should be uniform in color, clean, and flat, without obvious roll marks, pitting, pinholes, and corrosion marks.

2. There are no creases, mottling, bright lines and other rolling defects on the surface of the aluminum foil.

3. There is no color difference on the surface of the aluminum foil.

4. There is no oil on the surface, no serious oil odor, and no visible oil spots.

5. It should have enough surface tension. The dyne pen test is not less than 32 dyne.

The application of 1060 battery aluminum foil

1. Tabs

The tabs often appear in the battery and are the carrier of energy transfer between the battery and the outside world. The tab material is generally pure aluminum foil with high conductivity like 1060 aluminum foil.

There are high requirements on the surface, appearance, mechanics and anodizing properties of the aluminum foil, so as to improve the rate discharge performance of the battery.

2. Battery explosion-proof valves

The use of aluminum for automobile battery explosion-proof valves has its own advantages. Aluminum alloys are easy to process and shape and reduce material waste. Aluminum alloy battery explosion-proof valves can automatically power off after the battery is fully charged. It is safer and more secure to prevent the battery from continuously charging and causing the battery to explode.

1060-O aluminum foil is a popular choice for making battery explosion-proof valve. The explosion-proof valve made by it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, strong impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, high explosion-proof accuracy, easy installation, strong waterproofness, high air permeability, and reusability.

3. Aluminum foil soft connection

It chooses high-quality 0.05~0.3mm thick aluminum foil, usually 0.1 thick aluminum foil. 0.1 mm pure nickel sheet or nickel-plated copper sheet is on its upper and lower surfaces. Both ends or perforated parts are formed by polymer diffusion welding, which is formed by high current heating and pressure welding. The middle sleeve is protected by a heat-shrinkable tube.

According to customer feedback, Haomei’s 1060 aluminum foil can be cut as a whole at one time, with good fusion during bulk welding, no burrs, smooth surface, no oxidation, no delamination, and firm welding.

And it has a good flexible conductive effect, which can eliminate the poor conductive performance of the battery pack caused by the loosening of the fastener due to vibration of car.

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