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3003 Aluminum Foil Battery





Application power battery

  • Ev battery foil
  • Haomei

Why choose battery aluminum foil

The development of new energy vehicles is inseparable from power batteries, and the continuous development of power batteries also rely on the aluminum foil. The power source of a pure electric vehicle is a battery. The power battery has positive and negative poles for the lithium battery, and the positive electrode of the power lithium battery needs to use aluminum foil. The entire positive electrode is a key part of the battery.

3003 Aluminum foil battery

3003 aluminum foil has good formability and is mainly used in deep drawing materials. The stamping parts, models, shells, etc., made of 3003 aluminum has many advantages such as good surface, good plasticity, and pressure resistance.

The aluminum alloy has low density and light weight, which can reduce the weight of the battery and increase the battery capacity density, making the battery work stable and indirectly reducing the weight of the whole vehicle.

Features of 3003 battery aluminum foil

1. It has excellent forming ability, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and electrical conductivity.

2. It is of smooth surface, good plasticity and pressure resistance.

3. It has impact resistance, is not easy to rupture and leak, and can meet the requirements for strength and rigidity of the power battery shell.

Quality of Haomei 3003 aluminum foil battery shell

1. The surface of the aluminum foil is uniform in color, clean, of flat shape, free of aluminum chip, no corrosion marks, no obvious roll marks and other defects.

2. The surface has no rolling defects such as mottling, herringbone, and bright lines that affect the use, and no chromatic aberration.

3. The strength of 3003 H18 aluminum foil can reach 31 dyne. At present, our company can provide up to 33 dyne battery foil with no oil spots and no serious oil odor.

Specification of 3003 battery aluminum foil





Inner Diameter(mm)

Outer Diameter(mm)





75 76.2 150 152.4

It is determined by mutual negotiation.

Thickness Diviation

Width Diviation


Thickness Diviation Tolerance

High-precision grade

Normal grade



+/-0.5 mm

+/-1 mm


Thickness (mm)

N/mm2Tensile Strength

Elongation %











Advantage of 3003 Aluminum Foil for Power Battery

1. Lightweight

The use of 3003 aluminum alloy for the power battery shell can reduce the weight of the body, so that the car can obtain better power and reduce fuel consumption. On the other hand, aluminum alloy is of high recycling value.

2. Durability

Aluminum alloy and cast iron have their own different characteristics. Cast iron is more solid, durable, and has a higher output power. Using aluminum alloy as the power battery shell is lighter and lower in cost. In the future development trend of the automobile industry, the application of aluminum will become more and more extensive.

3. Good corrosion resistance

The surface of aluminum is easy to naturally produce a dense and firm AL2O3 protective film, which can well protect the substrate from corrosion. The power battery shell is artificially anodized and colored to obtain better performance.

Other Applications of 3003 aluminium foil

Electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil

It can choose 3003 aluminum foil as the raw material. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have good performance, low price and wide range of uses, so the market prospect is very good.
Transformer aluminum foil

It usually chooses 1060, 1070 and 3003 aluminum foil. Because the product production process is relatively simple and the technology is relatively mature, it has a price advantage compared to the 5xxx and 6xxx aluminum product.

What is 3003 Aluminum foil price

The 3003 aluminum foil price is affected by many factors like manufacturers and specification:

1. There are many 3003 aluminum foil manufacturers. They have different production cost and sales models. Haomei Aluminum can give you a competitive price.

2. The power battery shell material 3003 aluminum foil has different tempers and specifications. For different specifications, the processing technology will be different. The price will also vary a lot.

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